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When Redemptor Nduku, 40, left her husband inshe was determined to give her two children a better life. After trying her hand in several businesses without success, the streets became the only attractive avenue to eke out a living. However, as real eastleigh prostitutes as she stepped into the streets, Redemptor realised her condition would barely change as the money she used to make was hardly enough to give her and her children the lifestyle she had hoped for before ing the trade. Instead, like other commercial sex workers, her life was characterized by physical and emotional hardships and stigma. People look at you with a lot of contempt and no one wants to associate him or herself with you, you are completely ostracized and p rceived as immoral and dirty. Forced onto the streets as a result of unemployment and poverty, commercial sex workers face a lot of violence and are easy targets for the police and city askaris security who use City by-laws like loitering to arrest and solicit bribes and sexual favors from them.

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In Nairobi, the impact was immediate. Just about everyone in the city already had a cell phone, but web access suddenly sped up to global norms. In the years since, Nairobi has become a genuine rival to tech clusters from California to Bangalore. Young Kenyans spend their days glued to social media—mall rats for the web age.

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And, more impressive than the slick apps and hardware coming from the new e-Africa, technology is sparking the democratization of voice. When Nairobi Nights appeared init was unlike anything else that has appeared in Kenyan media. It quickly found an audience of ultra-wired and sex-curious youth—which is to say everyone with a pulse and a phone.

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I first heard about Nairobi Nights on Twitter, too. Of course I clicked through. There is nothing to cause the adrenaline rush. The other day a man in a new Jeep picked me around 10 pm. He told me to sit at the back. The police are not our best friends and wherever possible we keep our distance. But here he was taking me, almost naked and with prostitute written all over me, to a police station. He drove straight to the compound, and parked near a bus whose passengers some two policemen were frisking.

We had sex there.

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When I moved to Kenya, Real eastleigh prostitutes real eastleigh prostitutes notice skimpily dressed women in bars, or on street corners, who were surely selling something. But I never knew more than that. The rest was guessing. Sue broke it down. She wrote without being sentimental, or even very graphic, about starting in the low-class, downtown brothels and then working her way up to the street.

She explained the going rates: too little. She unpacked what she carries in her purse: condoms and sedatives. She explained the economics, etiquette, and protocols: Cars pull up and girls gather around to let the john pick his prize. The insulted girl forgot her mark and came charging after Sue, who admitted she deserved the beating. In coy prose, Sue identified herself as a onetime university student who lived a double life. To most people, she was an ordinary girl. To her clients, she was an impulse purchase. To me, she was a revelation. The duration between a.

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That does not mean a girl cannot be picked within those hours, she can, but the quality of men who visit the street at that hour is not the best. Most have been partying all night long, are drunk, demanding and hard to negotiate with. The sober ones are likely to be with emotional problems and rather unpredictable. If there be a serial killer hour, then that is.

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Sometime ago a man picked me in his car a few minutes after four. He was in a suit, good looking and sober. He told me he was from outside Nairobi.

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He was on a business trip but booked in a hotel with his family. He said he only had a thousand on him, not enough to book a room and pay me. Could we go to my house and at the end of it give me the whole amount?

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I was financially cornered. I said yes, reasoning one man would make no difference. We had a twenty minutes session.

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I followed him to the car, which was parked outside the gate. I stood a short distance away. I watched him bend over as if looking for the money under his seat. Then all at once the engine started, and he was gone before I knew it. I wanted to shout thief and have him stopped before he accessed the main road. But I held my breath. Part of the allure lay in her description of the shadow world we all knew about. But most of the appeal was in the writing.

Real eastleigh prostitutes was intellectual. Yes, I know how it sounds for a prostitute to talk about real eastleigh prostitutes, but I actually mean we are priests of our own kind, ministering to our flock; the men. Ignoring all the hullabaloo, the role of priests is to provide emotional stability to those who congregate. A role we have played, in a more practical way, to many a man we have slept with. Men come to us because they want to get something out of themselves. And not the product of their balls, for if that was the case, they would fare better, saving time and money by playing with themselves.

A female teacher in the mixed boarding school that I attended used to compare us girls to a tin of cocoa; you remember the one which had a foil inside. The moment you lose your virginity, the foil is gone.

After that, every time you have sex, the cocoa gets depleted. If you are not careful the rightful owner will find real eastleigh prostitutes is nothing left for him. Our role in society it real eastleigh prostitutes was to prepare for this man. Aside from being feminist in highly patriarchal Kenyan society, one of the more controversial aspects of the blog was just how smart it was.

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A bouncer who often bailed Sue out of jail and bridged her loans verified to me that she had worked as a prostitute in Nairobi. Though she had been studying law when she dropped out of school for sex work, Sue linked prostitution and economic theory. From my economics class I can remember some musings on choice and rationality. That one stops doing something only when the incentive to stop is larger than the incentive to continue. At the face of it there are many advantages of quitting dilly dallying with prostitutes than continuing.

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On the other hand and from the same economics class I remember something about irrationality. Not all decisions human beings make are rational. This post carried a double irony: Sue encountered the theory of rational choice because she attended the best university in Kenya. This made her much luckier than her less well-educated colleagues.

Despite the dismal rates of youth employment in Kenya, sex work actually made less rational sense for Sue. She had been pulled, not pushed, into the game.

Feature story

After a months-long courtship, I came to befriend and conduct a series of interviews with Sue. I found her story to be one of connection and real eastleigh prostitutes as well as disconnection and anonymity.

I am lucky for that—her most deeply held secret is now mine to keep as well. In person, Sue projects the same knowing reserve you read on the blog. She is quieter and prettier than you would think. She was just going to work, like you and I do. For the most part, she enjoyed being a prostitute. The viral popularity of her side project came as a surprise to Sue. She became a local celebrity. A pirate CD featuring a woman reading her blog posts went for sale in local kiosks in Hiding behind her assumed identity online, Sue replicates real eastleigh prostitutes false faces and fake names adopted by johns and ladies on the street—while exposing the lies Kenyan society tells itself about sex and opportunity.

Her tell-all style mirrors the intimacy—the sometimes-fake intimacy—involved in intercourse. She maintains an irresistible tension between distance and attachment.

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But that tension took its toll. Eventually, Sue felt trapped rather than liberated by the sum of her experiences. And a bigger challenge than people would think. In our trade on the streets; the opposite happens; your value decreases as your experience increases.

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Quoting five years experience is a turn off. But a year goes and another still on the street. The optimal experience is about a year; when one is no longer surprised by the antics of men and all the inhibitions are gone. After a year there is a plateau and then the downward curve starts.